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'''Megabats''' constitute the suborder Megachiroptera, and its only family '''Pteropodidae''' of the Order (biology)|order Chiroptera (bats). They are also called '''fruit bats''', '''Old World fruit bats''', or, especially the genera ''Acerodon'' and ''Pteropus'', '''flying foxes'''. Fruit bats are restricted to the Old World in a tropical and subtropical distribution, ranging no further than the eastern Mediterranean and South Asia, and are absent from northwest Africa and southwest Australia. ''(includes range map)'' Compared to insectivorous bats, fruit bats are relatively large and, with some exceptions, do not navigate by animal echolocation|echolocation. They are herbivores and rely on their keen senses of sight and smell to locate food.
Fossil range{{Fossil range|Oligocene|Recent}}
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Image captionLarge flying fox, ''Pteropus vampyrus''
RegnumAnimalia| phylum = Chordate|Chordata
Subordo'''Megachiroptera''' or Yinpterochiroptera
Subordo authorityGeorge Edward Dobson|Dobson, 1875
Familia authorityJohn Edward Gray|Gray, 1821
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